Priorities for Jay Drake

It’s been said that a man cannot serve two masters, and while I don’t necessarily think this is absolutely true there is certainly a limit to the number of things that any one person can really commit to over a given period of time. It is this reality that has kept me from committing time to writing and publishing a novel by Jay Drake, and similarly writing here on my blog. I have a definite passion for writing Angel Story, which has rattled around in my head for what seems like forever at this point, but I am not interested in pursuing writing as a career in my near future. So long as this is a reality, my chosen career, which I am also passionate about, will always be a higher priority than writing.

That said, I am not so completely absorbed in my career that I completely lack free time and I know that it could be pointed out that just budgeting in an hour or so a day can lead to the publication of a novel. While this is quite plausibly true, other priorities also come into play including my health (I really need to spend more time at the gym and making sure to prepare good, healthy meals to continue to lose weight and be stronger) and, more than anything, quality family time.

I am extremely fortunate that this last priority is extremely enjoyable, not only because I love my family but also because my wife, my two amazing children and I all enjoy so much of the same, very nerdy things! Cara, Ash and I love to read and as Sky is showing a great deal of excitement at the prospect of learning to read as well. Add to that a shared appreciation of many facets of pop culture including comics, anime, various television shows, lego, cosplay and conventions for all of those (as well as combinations of these) and we have a nearly unending amount of activity to share in together that is worth far more to me right now than sharing my novel with the world – Or the handful of people in the world who would end up reading it.

Despite all of this, I do continue to write a little here and there for Angel Story, and I intend to blog at least a little more actively in coming months. Perhaps this will mean that it will take another decade to write my novel. Maybe my current career will go so well that I can take a hiatus some years in the future to concentrate on the book. Either way, my passion for this story is enough that I intend to eventually publish and I will be sure to continue to discuss it between now and then.

What you will see here on this blog will probably vary depending on where my attention is. I won’t be saying “sorry I haven’t been writing here” type posts going forward. This one pretty much covers that. I will be posting about the various things I’m enjoying with my family, whether that has to do with going to comic cons, watching tv or movies, learning how to make kick butt costumes or our slightly-out-of-control lego habit. I will also probably venture into some deeper and somewhat scary waters in sharing some opinions and musings on some variety of things. I definitely will take some time to introduce people to some of the artists I’ve come to appreciate, and pass along interesting things I notice in regards to how some of these cool people are making better lives for themselves and others and how other people (perhaps you) can emulate their successes.

Thank you for your time. We are Groot.

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