Hey Jay! Where Ya Been?

It would be really cool if I could say that I’ve been busy winning that NaNoWriMo thing, and that I’ve got this sweet novel together that I will be tossing up on Amazon at a dirt cheap price for all to read, but in all reality I knew before November hit that this wouldn’t be the case. Truth is that I definitely didn’t have the time, probably didn’t have the energy and maybe even didn’t really have the desire to write a novel. I did consider writing a short story or two…

But then there was that pesky cancer thing. Not me, but my wife. Truth be told, it didn’t so much eat at my time as it did my mind. All the same, creative writing wasn’t in the cards and I’m fine with that. I did start writing some more, however. I started another blog, specific to this present journey of my life. I hope you might drop by and read what I have to say there as well. It is called Writing To Survive. (Update: My wife is now cancer free, and the Writing To Survive blog has since been taken down.)

Over the next several months, as my wife fights her breast cancer through surgery, chemo and finally radiation, I will likely spend more of my writing time there than here. Should I surprise myself and find that there is adequate writing there when it is all said and done, and if I feel that it could be at all interesting or helpful to others I have considered collecting posts from there together and publishing it. For now, though, it is simply a place where I can unload my mind to retain my sanity.

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