ARC! It’s Chris Pourteau

So it turns out I am one of the chosen few. I’m not entirely sure what the rules are, but Chris Pourteau is very cool, so I’m fine with that. Also, I’m good at playing dumb and feigning ignorance. Sometimes I don’t feign. Honestly, though, I’m pretty sure that anything I am about to say is entirely safe, and more than likely my writing this post, as well as your reading of this same post, will not end up with anyone embroiled in legal troubles.

But what the heck am I babbling on about, you are probably asking yourself right about now, if you actually made it this far. (I won’t blame you if you didn’t. I also won’t know, so there’s that.) Chosen few what? What the heck is that title? Are you trolling?

No, dear friends. I am not trolling. I apologize for the foolishness, but I am excited. I am also nervous. Let me explain…

Yesterday I received an email from an author, whose work has been some of the best examples of good indie fiction that I have had the pleasure of reading these past couple years. That particular author is Chris Pourteau, and the email I received was an Advance Review Copy (ARC, get it?) of his latest, not yet available novel Ironheart, a new novel that picks up in the Apocalypse Weird world, particularly in his part thereof which he called The Serenity Strain, following his previous entry there named Stormbreak. (Once upon a time you would have found this as Apocalypse Weird: The Serenity Strain, but now said novel is available as Stormbreak (The Serenity Strain Book 1) – Go buy it!)

Of course the excitement part of this is fairly obvious. I’ve received a novel, in the appropriate format to load up on my kindle, that I can read free of charge. However, I am a little nervous as well, as I feel very strongly that in receiving this novel I should do the responsible thing and not just read it, but do so in short order, send in any notes on any little imperfections such as typos or the sort I might see and even work on a review as the best way to say thank you for this.

I’ve had opportunity before to receive ARCs from others, and I’ve generally said no, thank you. My time is limited, and I don’t like accepting something for nothing – winning prizes doesn’t count. I don’t like to post a review unless it’s a helpful and meaningful review, either!

This is Chris Pourteau, though, and after getting through with my move, renovations and even getting our house ready for, and throwing a fun house warming last weekend, I actually have more time this weekend than I’ve had in months. Challenge accepted! (I might even find time to burn through Grey this weekend…)

To find out more about Chris Pourteau, I recommend checking out his blog at!

As far as what I suggest you read by Chris Pourteau, I would have to say that the top choices for me would be his novels which take place in the same settings as Michael Bunker’s Pennsylvania, which is also well worth taking the time to read. A quick run through Amazon will find Tales of B Company: The Complete Collection, which I can’t recommend enough. (Though, I could possibly take time to write a review at some point in time…)

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