Tabletop Day 2016 – Playing and Painting

We wandered over to Emerald City Comics this Saturday to join them in the Tabletop Day 2016 festivities, and it was a great deal of fun for the whole family. In all, we played two games at Emerald City, and also took time for each of us to paint a miniature at their paint-and-take table, which had various Warhammer Fantasy and 40k miniatures and plenty of brushes, water and Citidel paint for anyone to use. Afterward, we wandered home and got in one more game before the day was done.

paintandtakeThe games we played started with Labyrinth by Ravensburger games, then Exploding Kittens with the prototype expansion cards they sent me when I joined ‘the crate‘ and finally, back home, we got a bit more serious in playing through a game of Pandemic.

Also worthy of note for our Tabletop Day 2016 experience is the game Cash’n Guns. We have yet to play it, but as we made our way out of the store Saturday afternoon we saw people playing it as a demo and immediately felt we had to have it. Actually, I immediately felt I had to have it and when my wife said something to the effect of “We don’t even know anything about the game.” my response was “What is there to know? It’s cash. And guns. ‘Merica!” – Somehow that was good enough, and I was allowed to buy the game.

labyrinthOf the games we played, I think Labyrinth was the winner for best game for us. For context, our family of four includes myself at fourty, my wife at somewhat younger, our son of nine years and our seven year old daughter. While all the games were playable by us as a group, Labyrinth is the clear winner as far as games that both hold the kids attention throughout the full course of a game, and that they could honestly play without need of adult supervision.

explodingkittensPandemic is an amazing game, and I definitely look forward to playing it again. Given the context of our family, it is unfortunately relegated to the end of the line for family game night when we consider these things. (However, since it is a co-operative game, it does still work for family gaming!) Exploding Kittens may be a bit too simple for strong replay value when it comes to adult play, but kids can be kept busy with games like Go Fish and War, so that’s not really a problem.

In all, Tabletop Day 2016 was a huge success for our family, and we are looking forward to hosting many games for our friends and family in the coming months, whether it is these four or other games entirely.

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