Angel Story – NaNoWriMo 2012

NaNoWriMo Participant BadgeI seem to be collecting a number of titles in past years that have included CTO, Web Developer, Father, Husband and Certified Personal Trainer. I could probably add Writer to that list already between posts on various blogs as well as articles scattered about and some amount of copy writing for business use. I seem to have an obsession, however, and no matter how many titles I earn I find that I keep pursuing more, and the titles I am aspiring to most recently pertain to a rather large goal I have set for myself; those titles related to the goal are Novelist, Author and Published.

Wow. Every time I think about earning these titles I start to feel impossibly unworthy. I think of the Authors whose works I have read such as Anne Rice, Mercedes Lackey, George R. R. Martin and even more recently discovered (independently published?)  Authors such as Hugh Howey (The Wool Omnibus), Ernest Cline (Ready Player One) or Cory Doctorow (Pirate Cinema) – all Authors/Novels I have read recently and have no reservations about recommending to anyone. I should really take the time to write reviews of each of these…

As I have already mentioned on Facebook, the synopsis for the novel I intend to write has been going around in my brain for the past few hours, repeatedly revising itself with a life all its own. I expect this synopsis to develop fully and hatch just in time to be raised to novel adulthood in November. This will be my first direct experience with the mental illness known as NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I am all sorts of excited and nervous about it.

I’ve noted to people that this story idea has been banging around in my head for better than a decade, but if I am really honest about it I probably first conceived of this as much as two decades ago, when I was actively writing and still in high school. Fitting the origin of the idea, it will be developed into a young adult novel and otherwise I think it would probably be classified as paranormal, though I’m open to other’s interpretations as categorization is mysterious to me. The working title is Angel Story, and I will be sure to post my completed synopsis on November 1st in a variety of places including here, my NaNoWriMo profile and Facebook.

I honestly don’t expect it to be completed in full by the end of November, neither as a completed story nor as 50,000 words due to a fairly hefty amount of responsibility, but I am looking forward to sacrificing what little free time I have to focus on writing Angel Story and hope to at least have a respectable bit of prose to motivate me to continue sacrificing and see it through to publication.

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