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When I speak of diet I don’t necessarily mean some magical formula to lose 20 pounds in 20 days like the magazines at the checkout are advertising. Diet really means anything related to the food I eat, good and bad – though I mostly talk about the good!

Priorities for Jay Drake

It’s been said that a man cannot serve two masters, and while I don’t necessarily think this is absolutely true there is certainly a limit to the number of things that any one person can really commit to over a given period of time. It is this reality that has kept me from committing time […]

Sticking To It

My first week of this fairly restrictive diet has gone reasonably well. I have only had a few, very minor, instances where I ate something that wasn’t on it, despite the lengthy (and possibly growing) list of foods I’m not eating for this 30 days. Where I have slipped, most would forgive readily. A banana […]

A New Beginning Part II

Previously I mentioned my fresh start, giving an overview of the many ways in which I am beginning anew, and wrote a little about exercise. To date, I am sad to say, I have done very poorly in this first initiative. I need to work a good bit more on getting to sleep early, so […]