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I am a wayward student of Lung Shou Pai kung fu, a little known family style of the chinese martial arts. This blog started when I began my 2 years of training in Lung Shou Pai kung fu under Master Trey Crake, and has since become more varied, particularly after moving and training inconsistently on my own.

Seeking Structure

It has been a rather long time for me now since I left the Metro Jackson area of Mississippi and my first kwoon, and since then I have practiced sporadically, saying that when this  happens or that happens I will practice more. As often happens, good intentions have persisted; both in being good, and in […]

Returning to Practice

Tonight was an exciting night. It was the first night in months that I have practiced Lung Shou Pai kung fu along with someone. Truthfully, I haven’t practiced much at all on my own in this time, even. My return to practice was much needed and very much enjoyed. When I first considered the prospect […]