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ARC! It’s Chris Pourteau

So it turns out I am one of the chosen few. I’m not entirely sure what the rules are, but Chris Pourteau is very cool, so I’m fine with that. Also, I’m good at playing dumb and feigning ignorance. Sometimes I don’t feign. Honestly, though, I’m pretty sure that anything I am about to say […]

United Indies

There’s an author out there by the name of Hugh Howey who has managed to blast his way to celebrity status, and I am a big fan of his for several reasons. Far from the least of these reasons is that I rather enjoy much of what I have read that he has written. His […]

Priorities for Jay Drake

It’s been said that a man cannot serve two masters, and while I don’t necessarily think this is absolutely true there is certainly a limit to the number of things that any one person can really commit to over a given period of time. It is this reality that has kept me from committing time […]

Angel Story – NaNoWriMo 2012

I seem to be collecting a number of titles in past years that have included CTO, Web Developer, Father, Husband and Certified Personal Trainer. I could probably add Writer to that list already between posts on various blogs as well as articles scattered about and some amount of copy writing for business use. I seem […]