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Best Budget DSLR Camera – Not a Refurbished DSLR

With Christmas just around the corner, finding the best budget DSLR camera, or perhaps the best digital SLR for the money, might not even be something you considered doing. If you are like me, you might be thinking that there is no such thing as a budget DSLR. I remember my first look at DSLR […]

JQuery Ninja and ZIP Codes

Jumping in with both feet tends to be my favorite way of learning more about the skills I need for my career. Today I was fortunate enough to be handed a task at work that allows me to do just that. The task is that of setting up our standardized order form(s) to automatically populate […]

Starting A New Life

It seems a little strange that I am posting this now, several months after having moved to Florida, even a month after moving to Clearwater. It seems additionally strange that I am posting it under technical stuff, perhaps, but I suppose that is how it all makes sense, too. My family has nicely settled into […]