Recommended Reading

In the past year I’ve been reading more, and finding new authors and novels that I might not have previously known about or considered reading. Many of these were brought to my attention through social media, and so I decided to send out a signal using those same channels to ask for further recommendations. To do so, I posed a simple challenge, asking others to list the three books (title and author) they’ve read in the past year that they most enjoyed and ask the same of three of their own contacts/connections. In addition to this, I ask that those who take on this challenge let me know what books they recommended so that I can post them here!

If you have taken the Recommended Reading Social Media Challenge and you don’t see your recommendation here, let me know and I will be happy to set things straight! The best ways to connect with me are through Facebook or, if you aren’t a Facebook user, sending an email.

Below is the compiled list of recommended reading accumulated from this social experiment, including the three I initially put down myself, and links to each on Amazon((These are affiliate links, and I do earn a small credit when items are sold through these links. Should you find this offensive in any way, I encourage you to skip the links and to search for these novels on your own accord. I do not intend for these links to provide any form of living income, and harbor no ill will toward any who prefer not to use them.)):